Buying a used tesla reddit

There's a lot of people that want to drive a Teslabut a new one is just isn't in their budget. Even Tesla's "affordable" car, the Model 3, is priced way above what many people can afford. However, now that Tesla has been selling cars for a decade, there are many hundreds of used Teslas available, and some are at very reasonable prices.

As it is with any used car, there's a lot of things to consider and check on a used Tesla before buying one.

buying a used tesla reddit

In addition to all of the items you need to check on a gas car, checking the battery's state of health is paramount when shopping for a used EV. You want to make sure the battery is performing as it should, and it hasn't experienced excessive degradation. Alex Guberman from E For Electrica former Tesla Model S owner, recently posted a video on this, and he offers his secrets and tips on how to find the best used Tesla to suit your desires and needs. There's more to shopping for a used Tesla than checking out the battery, so take a look at the video and see what Alex advises.

Is It A Good Idea To A Buy A Used Tesla Model S In 2020?

You can't have enough information when shopping for a used car, so we suggest you take in all the tips you can by watching both videos. Have a good used Tesla buying tip yourself?

If so, please share it with the InsideEVs community and post it in the comment section below. By : Tom Moloughney.

You can get the Tesla you always wanted for half the price of a new one. We've Analyzed The Data. From China. About this article Category Buying Advice. Tesla Model S. Sign In or Sign Up. Buying Advice.Every used Tesla vehicle has passed a point inspection and comes with either a 4-year or 50, additional mile warranty or a 2-year, up tototal mile warranty.

Sales How can I contact a salesperson regarding a used Tesla? How can I buy a used Tesla? Is used Tesla pricing negotiable? Which versions of Autopilot can I find in used inventory?

What type of connectivity will my used Tesla come with? Can I test drive a used car? Delivery How can I pay for my used Tesla? How can I trade in my car?

What can I do to prepare for delivery? What can I expect for delivery timing? If I pick up a car in another state, are there tax or registration implications? Are used Tesla vehicles eligible for the return policy?

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What condition can I expect my car to be in at delivery? You can request a callback from any car detail page on our Used Inventory site. After you complete the call contact form, a Used Vehicle Sales Advisor will be in touch with you shortly.

Back to Top. Used Tesla cars are available for pickup at the following Tesla locations. Is used car pricing negotiable? All used Tesla pricing is non-negotiable. All used vehicles with Autopilot hardware will come with one of the versions below. A Used Vehicle Sales Advisor can provide more information.

Used Tesla Buying Secrets And Tips: How To Get Your Half Price Tesla

Full Self-Driving: Enables Navigate on Autopilot to allow automatic driving from highway on-ramp to off-ramp, Auto Lane Change to automatically change lanes while driving on highway, Autopark in both parallel and perpendicular spaces and Summon.

Available for purchase at current market price. All used Tesla cars purchased on or before January 8, will continue to have Premium Connectivity at no cost for the lifetime of the car, and will be active for future owners if sold privately. All used Tesla cars purchased on or after January 9, will receive Standard Connectivity and are eligible to upgrade to Premium Connectivity. We do not offer test drives for used cars.

To experience Tesla, we recommend scheduling a test drive at your local Tesla store. How can I pay for my used Tesla? We suggest starting your third-party financing inquiries prior to viewing inventory, to best understand rates and down payment requirements. Used Tesla cars cannot be leased.

If you are picking up your car in person, final payment can be made during your delivery appointment. Note: Tesla cannot accept credit cards for vehicle payment. Tesla accepts all types of passenger vehicles, trucks and vans on trade-in. You can get an instant trade-in quote online. Back to Top What can I do to prepare for delivery?Your car will be listed on the only Tesla-exclusive marketplace and seen by thousands of buyers looking for exactly what you have. SR, Brand new miles. Pregnancy forces sale View Listing.

New York, New York. All Wheel-Drive. X D. Greenwich, Connecticut. Autopilot Enables your car to steer, accelerate and brake automatically for other vehicles and pedestrians within its lane.

Full Self-Driving Capability Navigate on Autopilot: automatic driving from highway on-ramp to off-ramp including interchanges and overtaking slower cars.

Buying a used Tesla

Auto Lane Change: automatic lane changes while driving on […] View Listing. Fairfax, Virginia. Auto Lane Change: automatic lane changes while driving on the highway.

Autopark: both parallel and perpendicular spaces. Summon: your parked car will […] View Listing. The car is completely stock. Sign Up and Start Selling Now Your car will be listed on the only Tesla-exclusive marketplace and seen by thousands of buyers looking for exactly what you have. Most Teslas sell in 30 days or less. Half a million people come here every month because they already want what you have.

Featured Listings. View More Listings.W ith electric cars becoming mainstream with each passing day, it is no longer a distant thought to buy a used Tesla Model S in I am specifically talking about the Tesla Model S because it is the one that silently kick-started the electric car revolution. When it was first revealed around six years ago, it fluently combined automobile and software technologies in a beautifully packed machine, which did in 4. With so many accolades on its side, is a used Tesla Model S worth a purchase in ?

What are the main fears and expectations you have about a used Tesla Model S that might influence your purchase?

What are the parts that you need to replace when buying a used Model S? These guys chose to buy a used Tesla Model S for different reasons, but in the end, they became a Tesla fan for almost similar reasons. Probably one of the biggest fears when buying a used electric car is battery degradation.

There have been instances of the Nissan Leaf losing a major chunk of its range when driven for thousands of miles. The Tesla Model S battery, on the other hand, lasts much longer. After driving 50, miles, his range dropped by only half a percent to miles. He is also a frequent user of Tesla Supercharger and uses it at least once every week. Furthermore, Sean uses his car for a daily commute and is not a rash driver. David, from Dave Drives, owns one of the earliest Tesla Model S and has successfully clocked in close tomiles.

The one major issue that he faced was related to the drivetrain. Now before you get worried, remember that it is an electric drivetrain. It is a compact module that can be easily swapped in within 4 hours. The issue that David faced was only related to weird noises coming from the drivetrain. He was never left stranded on the road because of any breakdown. Sean, whom I mentioned above, has had to swap his battery well aftermiles as it gave out. Tesla Model S is a bigger car than the Tesla Model 3.

The P90D Model S came with a sunroof, executive seats, free-supercharging, and much more. Buying a pre-owned Model S has an advantage that the Sunroof, in particular, is not available in the latest Model S.

buying a used tesla reddit

Furthermore, several people like the interior of the Model S, and it is more spacious than the Model 3. However, buying a used Model S also has its downsides. Secondly, the Tesla Model 3 comes with the Hardware 3 update, which will eventually make it suitable for Full Self Driving in the near future. Now, it will be quite sometime before any Tesla car becomes completely able to drive on its own.

So to sum it all up, it is a great idea to buy a used Tesla Model S, if you can find one according to your needs. An electric car has fewer parts in it, meaning less stuff to take care of or check when you buy a Model S used. Also, the battery or drivetrain, if damaged in a used Model S, can be replaced easily, which makes maintaining the car quite easy.

As we have seen from the accounts of different Tesla owners, the Model S is a car that can last upwards ofmiles. Despite being used, the Model S is easy to maintain because of its ingenious electric powertrain.I first owned a Chevy Volt. The car was around 3. This one also had a high voltage battery replacement with a newer style pack at 22, miles, so I liked that.

I was taking a bit of a gamble that I would not run into any high dollar out-of-warranty repairs. I am pretty mechanically capable, so I was up for the challenge. Plus, I finally had my Tesla.

Around 2. As you can see, my total cost of ownership was less than the guy who owned the car before me, but not by that much. First, the car depreciated quite a bit more than I expected. I figured since it had already lost around half its value when I bought it, my rate of depreciation would be much less. As it turns out, the rate of depreciation was better than the first owner but not by that much as shown in the figure below. The second reason is I got bit by a fairly large repair bill for a media control unit MCU replacement.

The MCU is integral with the big center display in the car. The whole dash has to come out to replace it. The memory chip can fail from too many read writes, the touch screen on the earlier ones leaked fluid and got bubbles, and now they are having issues with a yellow band that appears around the edge of the screen.

buying a used tesla reddit

So, the out-of-warranty MCU cost contributed a bit to my seemingly high cost of ownership, but the main culprit was the continued high rate of depreciation on the vehicle itself. By : George Bower. Getting a used Tesla Model S is enticing, but depreciation is high, and if it's out-of-warranty, watch out. What To Buy? Depreciation rate of a Model S still fairly high even after 3. About this article Category EV Education. Tesla Model S. Sign In or Sign Up. EV Education.Jameson Dow.

We talk a lot about electric cars here, Tesla chief among them. But since Tesla is different than other manufacturers in the way they market, sell, and deliver their cars, we thought it would be useful to answer the question of how to buy a Tesla in the first place, starting with how to test drive one. Without a big lot of cars available for test drives, how do you get some seat time? Tesla does give test drives at most locations, but they only have a few cars available at each store for them.

And on busy days at the mall, it can be hard to walk in and get a test drive. If you want to test drive a Tesla before you buy, your best bet is to call your local Tesla store and set up a test drive appointment ahead of time. Calling ahead is a good plan. Not all Tesla stores offer test drives, and in some states, Tesla is not allowed to do test drives due to antiquated dealership laws.

So check your local laws first. EV owners tend to like answering questions for newbies, so they can be a good resource either in person or online. If you have any friends or family with a Tesla, they might also want to give you a test drive. Rather than selling through dealership lots, Tesla sells most of their new cars through orders on the internet. Wait a few days and they will take care of it. Most of the time, you will have to wait a few weeks for delivery after your configuration.

For new models like the Model Y which comes out in March, the wait can be much longer. The wait can also be long if you live in a territory Tesla has just started shipping to.

For unreleased vehicles, Tesla usually charges an upfront fee to get in line, then contacts customers roughly in the order they placed their reservations. Tesla is currently taking reservations on the upcoming Cybertruck and next-generation Roadster. Both are refundable in the US. That order fee is not refundable. Sometimes current Tesla owners and California customers get priority as well.

buying a used tesla reddit

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